From a gourmet market to curated corporate dining services 

Man handing coffee to customer
Man handing coffee to customer
Dartcor Food Corporate Dining Services

Our corporate dining plan

Founded in 1985, Dartcor Food Services provides culture-shifting corporate dining excellence. When that corporate dining experience is thoughtfully designed to enhance the health and well-being of every employee – the results are beneficial for everyone.

Dartcor begins with the highest quality ingredients – sourcing from local farms wherever possible. Then, preparation by a culinary team recruited from top tier culinary institutions and renowned restaurants takes over. This comprehensive education is further supported by a team of professionals who continuously guide our corporate dining staff on the highest standards of first class hospitality and ingredient sourcing.

Creating unique corporate dining services for daily guests requires thoughtful and constant planning. Our onsite staff is further supported by the Dartcor Marketing and Health and Wellness teams, which regularly analyze food trends, new products coming onto the market and most importantly, stay up to date on the best nutrition practices to keep everyone in your company well-nourished and healthy.

Differentiation: The Dartcor Advantage in corporate dining

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Warren Leeds, President and CEO of Dartcor, opened our first café and gourmet marketplace in Morris County, New Jersey, in 1985. Trademarks of this retail experience – providing guests delicious food and warm hospitality are embed in Dartcor’s entrepreneurial culture.

Financial Transparency 

Similar to our food program our finance department will customize the reporting to suit your needs. We offer real-time data through our POS system, weekly snap-shots and monthly updates that capture trends month over month. We also meet with your team monthly, to review the financial performance and provide innovative ideas to constantly drive participation and achieve your company’s dining services financial objectives.

World Class Hospitality
Our focus on hospitality begins with the recruiting process. Dartcor’s senior leadership team involves itself in the onboarding of every employee. We look for those who smile naturally and possess a warm welcoming spirit. We aim to match our employee with an environment and culture that matches their gifts and personality. Through training and daily premeal meetings, we continue to reinforce our love of hospitality to every member of our team.

Direct Ownership Involvement and Senior Management Support

At Dartcor, our philosophy calls for a high touch approach to management. With direct ownership involvement and senior management support, we work hand-in-hand with our on-site managers and clients in all of our corporate dining environments. This involvement benefits you, our client, in several ways: a quick response time, a deep level of commitment, and a highly productive environment in which our employees know they are part of a team. “The Spirit of Hospitality Award,” one of our recognition programs, recognizes front line associates for providing our guests world class hospitality and ultimately leads to a greater sense of purpose.

Customization in Corporate Dining
Just as no two companies are the same, we believe no two corporate dining operations should be the same. Our approach is to create a custom model that matches your needs – from the food we create and the coffee we pour to the snacks we offer and the services we provide.

Local / Sustainable / Traceable

Dartcor is proud to source products that help reduce our carbon footprint. Sourcing of local food for corporate dining is one of the cornerstones of our culinary and corporate dining programming at Dartcor.